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About us

Minnesota Area Telangana Association (MATA) is a Minnesota based non-profit organization is incorporated by many like-minded individuals from diverse professional backgrounds with the single-minded resolve to preserve and celebrate the Telangana identity and its distinct cultural flavor within the confines of a broader Telugu identity.

As we try to present and reinvigorate many aspects of Telangana for the next generation, the other imperative mission of MATA is to drive and facilitate grassroots development (healthcare, education and economy) of Telangana. Many Telanganites living in Minnesota are relatively privileged, with some of us having defied all odds to gain some success. As sons and daughters of the Telangana soil.

We sincerely feel that it should be our foremost moral obligation to provide a helping hand for our people who are deprived and desperate for positive change and opportunity to thrive. 

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Our Mission

  • Preserve and promote Telangana culture and identity.
  • Build a strong Telangana NRI Community within Minnesota, creating a platform for developmental/ charity activities.
  • To invite distinguished artists, poets, scholars and Statesmen for seminars, discussions and organize various events.
  • Create a platform to educate and raise awareness of the issues concerning the Telangana region.
  • Foster friendship and understanding between people of Telangana origin and others in America and elsewhere.
  • Collect funds/donations for cultural, educational, and charitable purposes either directly or in cooperation with other non-profit organizations in America and abroad for the purpose of serving both the Telangana community and the community at large.

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